Indoor climbing courses

The indoor climbing courses allow you to start climbing in complete serenity in a controlled environment. It is a very good way to perfect your technique while having fun before going to confront the cliff climbing.

During the courses we offer throughout the year, we will cover several points including the mastery of belay technique but also the “manip” of rope in the relay and climbing in the lead.

At the end of the year, we also pass the various climbing passports issued by the FFME according to the level reached by the participants.

Course schedule:

14h30-16h: Children’s lessons 6-10 years old

4pm-6pm: Children’s perf / teenagers classes

6pm-8pm: Teenagers / adults classes

17h45h-19h30: Children / Teenagers / adults / parent-child classes

We lend all the equipment but we recommend that participants have their own climbing shoes.
It is possible to come and do a free trial lesson if there are places available.